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Maneuverable fire truck MPM-1500 (Katyusha)
  • Maneuverable fire truck MPM-1500 (Katyusha)

Maneuverable fire truck MPM-1500 (Katyusha)

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Products: Price to buy maneuverable fire trucks from the manufacturer Russia, Lipetsk.


Small fire truck MPM - 1500 (Katyusha) with controlled rear wheels and a mechanism for setting in a neutral position and locking the rotation of the rear wheels is designed to extinguish forest and landscape fires.

The high pressure unit is completed with a swivel bar with nozzles, which is adjustable in height and allows you to process a strip of steppe grass or forest floor up to 2 meters wide. The height adjustment ensures high - quality pouring of the soil surface in the forest to a depth of 3 - 5 cm. When using a high - pressure jet, in the spraying mode, the formation of water dust, which has cooling and fire - fighting properties, is possible.

The set of equipment also includes a side bar for wetting tree trunks and shrubs with water up to 1.5 meters in height to prevent fire.

The lateral pressure device allows you to easily deal with fires at a distance of 4 - 5 meters from the machine. A high - pressure gun with a standard hose from 30 meters long will help to easily extinguish a forest fire up to 10 meters high, covering leaves, needles, branches, as well as grass - moss soil cover.

One refueling of a set of barrels (2 cubic meters) is enough for 5 km. wetting the forest floor with a width of 2 m with a front bar. If there is a need to refuel with water, a powerful, easily removable motor pump is installed on the machine, which allows you to easily fill a container within 4 - 5 minutes from any reservoir from a distance of 8 to 30 meters. Two stationary filters reliably protect the water supply system to the high - pressure pump from contamination.

The main technical characteristics of the car:

Wheel formula 4 × 4

Engine ZMZ - 409, (injector), power, (hp) 112

Power take - off from the engine to attachments, kW 35

Full constructive weight, kg, no more than 3800

Load distribution on the road for a machine with full structural load, kg, no more

  • on the front axle 1650
  • on the rear axle 2150

Overall dimensions in transport position, mm, no more:

  • length 6330
  • width 2100
  • height 2400

Travel speed, km / h, no more

  • working when extinguishing landscape fires 5 - 20
  • transport 50
  • transport with water in a tank 50
  • seats in the cockpit 2

Main technical characteristics

High - pressure equipment or frontal extinguishing unit, with the possibility of cooling (wetting) the machine.  

Fuel consumption, liter / 100 km 14.5

Average fuel consumption when extinguishing landscape fires, liter / h 6.5

Working area width, m:

  • when extinguishing when extinguishing landscape fires 1.0
  • with lateral extinguishing of landscape fires 3.5 - 4.0

Equipped with a high - pressure pistol, two modes of operation:

  • atomization, l / min 9
  • pressure jet, l / min 50

Height, m / Bar 9/50

Range of a spray gun, m / bar 16/50

Weight of water loaded into the tank, kg 2000

Working water pressure, MPa, not less than 50.0

Average resource before the first overhaul, h, not less than 6800

Mean time between failures, h, not less than 26

Water pump SK - 120 R

  • productivity l / min up to 120
  • water pressure max, BAR 70

Fire hoses pressure - suction 4m

Sleeves 75 mm with GR - 80

MOTOR PUMP Honda WH 20 XK1J DF E1 for refueling with water

Productivity 833 liters per minute (49.98 m³ / hour)

Head, pressure 50 meters

Suction depth 8 meters

Diameters of branch pipes, inlet / outlet 50/50 mm

Honda GX160

Fuel type Gasoline AI - 92

Oil type Semi - synthetic, fraction 10W40 or 10W30

Starting the engine Recoil starter

Dimensions 520x450x400

Weight 27kg

Length 20 m

Working pressure 1.0 MPa

GR head - 50A

Barrel RS 50.01A

Installation of multishot powder fire extinguishing system (UMPP)

UMPP is designed to suppress fire centers of classes A (solid substances), B (liquid substances) and E (electrical equipment under voltage without taking into account the breakdown voltage parameter of the fire extinguishing powder) and is used for permanent installation, on the MPM - 1500 (Katyusha).

The installation is suitable for extinguishing local fires as well as for area and volume extinguishing. It can be used as an operational tool by members of the fire brigade in rural areas or at fire - hazardous facilities where the fire is developing at high speed.

The installation uses fire extinguishing modules - devices that directly serve to suppress a fire with fire extinguishing powder (the maximum number of modules is 5 pcs) are reusable products. The modules are mounted on a frame with a recoil damping device and an electric drive for lifting the modules controlled from the car's cab. A directional searchlight is also installed on the frame to indicate the target with light illumination.

Installation dimensions:

  • length, mm 780
  • width, mm 1500
  • height, mm 650
  • Lifting angle of modules: 0 - 45 degrees.
  • Fire extinguishing ability of fire extinguishing modules:
  • Protected area (one module): 75 m²
  • Protected volume (one module): up to 250 m³

Country of origin: Russia

Manufacturer: Lipetsk Plant of Small Communal Machines, LLC
Payment form: 100% payment, prepayment, leasing
Shipment form: EXW, FCA Russia, Lipetsk

Manufactured products:

Machine specialist:


  • Communal machines
  • Garbage trucks
  • Sweeping equipment
  • Ice resurfacing machines
  • Agreecultural machines. Agreecultural equipment
  • All - terrain vehicle 6x6
  • fire engine
  • Fire trucks
  • Agile Drilling Machine
  • Drilling machines
  • Pile pressing machines

Attachments for utility and special vehicles:

  • Front washing unit with a set of barrels
  • Sanding equipment
  • Tipper body
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Sweeping and brushing equipment (front brush)
  • Sweeping and brushing equipment (medium brush)
  • Camper
  • Equipment for driving piles (KSVU - 12)

Trailed equipment:

  • Trailed sweeping equipment "PUMA - 01"
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 02.07.2021

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