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Ice-filling machine MKM-1904-03 (UMKA)
  • Ice-filling machine MKM-1904-03 (UMKA)
  • Ice-filling machine MKM-1904-03 (UMKA)
  • Ice-filling machine MKM-1904-03 (UMKA)
  • Ice-filling machine MKM-1904-03 (UMKA)

Ice-filling machine MKM-1904-03 (UMKA)

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Products: Price to buy ice - filling machines from the manufacturer Russia, Lipetsk.


"UMKA" is a universal maneuverable combined automated machine for servicing open and closed skating rinks, hockey rinks, stadiums, running tracks with natural and artificial ice cover.

The peculiarity of this model in comparison with analogues is that the machine is equipped with: a rear swivel axle (turning radius 3 m), which significantly increases maneuverability; control panel for attachments from the driver's cab; a universal stretcher for the installation of all - season replaceable equipment manufactured by LLC LZMKM.

In winter, the machine is designed to service up to 20 rollers:

  • clearing the area from snow using a rotary blade;
  • professional service and maintenance of the ice surface;
  • collection and removal of ice crumbs to a specially designated place.

In summer it is equipped with:

  • a frontal washing unit - for washing and cleaning the adjacent territories;
  • dump body;
  • waste collection equipment for pressing and disposal of household waste.

Ice pouring equipment has three main tasks:

  • cut off the damaged layer of the ice surface, with the simultaneous collection of ice chips into the car body;
  • fill in serious scratches left by skates;
  • restore the cut surface by uniform filling of a new layer.

Complies with the requirements stipulated by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation "On the establishment of a ban on the admission of certain types of mechanical engineering goods originating from foreign states for the purpose of procurement to meet state and municipal needs" dated 06.14.14, No. 656 (as amended on 09.06.2016.


Base chassis model

MKM - 1904

Wheel formula


Overall length / width / height, mm


Loading capacity, kg


Front axle

Upgraded UAZ - 3303 with rotary cylinder

Rear axle

Upgraded UAZ - 3303 with rotary cylinder

Brakes front / rear


Attachment drive


Management of working bodies

Control panel, 12V


Hydrostatic, front and rear wheels

Steering modes

Steering, neutral and crab steering

Minimum turning radius, m




UAZ - 3303

KV400 (Iran)




Number of seats




brand, model

ZMZ - 4091

Hyundai D4BH

engine's type



Power, kW (hp)

83 (112)

74 (100)

Environmental standard

Euro - 4

Euro - 5

Gas equipment

Add. option



UAZ - 3303

K - 305 "Hyundai"

Transfer case

UAZ - 3303

R - 100 "Hyundai"

For the summer period, the machine can be converted into a watering or waste collection facility .

Bunker for snow and ice chips

Bunker volume, cubic meters m


Unloading method

Tipper, back


Stainless steel steel

Max. hopper height when unloading, mb


Snow collection system

Horizontal auger

25cm (diameter)

Vertical auger

25cm (diameter)

Water tank

Volume of water, cubic meters m


Switching the water supply on and off

From the control panel


Stainless steel steel

Swivel blade

Rotation angle, degrees

± 30

Width of the processed strip, m


Snow cover height, no more, mm


Protection against damage to the ice sheet

Rubber plates

Brush for removing snow from the sides

Diameter, mm


Drive unit


Harvester (Air Conditioning)

Combine weight, kg


Raising the cutter bar

hydraulic drive

Width of the cut layer, m


Cut layer thickness, mm


planing without filling


planing with filling, not less


Since the initially ice surface on the skating rinks is fairly flat, the maximum thickness of the cut layer should not exceed 2 - 2.5 mm.

Productivity when planing ice with filling and polishing, sq. m / h


Operation of the combine is allowed up to ambient temperature

- 20 with ice filling - 30 for planing only

Vehicle speed, km / h

when planing with filling, no more


transport with equipment for pouring ice, no more


Vehicle registration certificate


Vehicle driving rights

Tractor driver's license, cat. "AIII"

Warranty period of operation, months


The car is allowed to drive independently on public roads to the work site at a speed of no more than 50 km / h, which allows

serve up to 20 yard boxes (hockey rinks) per day.


This equipment uses:

  • the modernized chassis of the serially produced MKM - 1904 machine with hydrostatic steering of the front and rear wheels, a turning radius of 3m;
  • for better grip of the wheels and to avoid slipping, studded winter tires are installed;
  • exhaust pipe led up (stainless);
  • the double hydraulic pump has good characteristics and ensures the full functionality of all hydraulic drives of the machine (vertical and horizontal auger, raising and lowering the snow bunker and air conditioner);
  • control panel on the front panel to control the entire range of attachments;
  • additional spherical mirror;
  • additional rear lighting for working in the dark.

Country of origin: Russia

Manufacturer: Lipetsk Plant of Small Communal Machines, LLC
Payment form: 100% payment, prepayment, leasing
Shipment form: EXW, FCA Russia, Lipetsk

Manufactured products:

Machine specialist:


  • Communal machines
  • Garbage trucks
  • Sweeping equipment
  • Ice resurfacing machines
  • Agreecultural machines. Agreecultural equipment
  • All - terrain vehicle 6x6
  • fire engine
  • Fire trucks
  • Agile Drilling Machine
  • Drilling machines
  • Pile pressing machines

Attachments for utility and special vehicles:

  • Front washing unit with a set of barrels
  • Sanding equipment
  • Tipper body
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Sweeping and brushing equipment (front brush)
  • Sweeping and brushing equipment (medium brush)
  • Camper
  • Equipment for driving piles (KSVU - 12)

Trailed equipment:

  • Trailed sweeping equipment "PUMA - 01"
Country of manufacture:Russia
Plant manufacturer:Липецкий завод малых коммунальных машин,
Information is up-to-date: 02.07.2021

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